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The Easy Way to Protect Your FamilyWant life insurance that rewards yourlifestyle choices? We can help you finda life insurance plan that's right for youand helps you protect your loved onesIf you are healthy, no medical exam isneeded and you can get coverage thatranges from $10,000 to $1 million. Bestof all, you can apply in just 10 minutes.To learn more about how you can havethe best life insurance products at thebest rates schedule a free consultationnow at https://calendly.com/helengriffin/15-minute-mortgage-protection.

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No Medical Exam. Living Benefits. Cash-Back Options.

Our Products

Term Life Insurance

Provides affordable protection, often covering 10-30 years, that provides both long-term clarity and security.

Universal Insurance

Provides a depth of coverage that is both flexible and permanent. Tax-deferred benefits, living benefits and protection against the unexpected are all included.

SmartStart Insurance

Creates a foundation of long-term financial security that can create your family's legacy and fund your children's education.

Disability Insurance

Protects your income in the event of disability. If you or your spouse were injured, and unable to work, what would be your game plan?

Critical Illness Insurance

Protects the funds needed to support you or your loved ones in the event of prolonged illnesses.

Mortgage Protection

Ensures that your mortgage payments are always met on time, even in the face of unexpected tragedy.

Retirement Insurance

Enables you to enjoy the retirement you deserve with a range of financial solutions including annuities and IUL's.


Mortgage Protection Basics

How does mortgage protection insurance work?

Once you qualify, you pay premiums based on your amount of coverage. If you die while the policy is in force, the insurance company provides funds to pay off your mortgage.

Why do I need mortgage protection insurance?

Mortgage protection provides funds to cover an outstanding mortgage balance in the event of your death.

What are the advantages of mortgage protection insurance?

The main benefit is to protect your family in the event you die with an outstanding mortgage balance. This coverage is also easy to purchase, no physical exam is typically required, and rates are generally affordable. Certain policies also offer a return of premium feature, so if you don't use the benefit, you get your money back.

Can I afford mortgage protection insurance?

Yes! Since so many companies offer this coverage, pricing is competitive and therefore affordable.

Do I qualify for mortgage protection insurance?

Most plans are offered with simplified underwriting, so you don't always have to pass a medical exam to qualify. If you have a pre-existing condition, this can be a less competitive option to qualify for.

When should I buy mortgage protection insurance?

If you plan to purchase a home, or you're already paying a mortgage, you should have this insurance to ensure you're protected if the unexpected happens.


Imagine only meeting with clients 2 to 3 days per week with the ability to make $75K per year if you are average, $150K per year if you’re good, and $300K per year if you’re a superstar.

* This position is 100% commission, part-time or full-time. You will need to get your life/health insurance license. This is a career, not a job, please apply if you are looking for a career change, you want to own your own business, choose the hours you work and have financial freedom. Please do not apply if you are not self-motivated, and do not have a good work ethic. You must be willing to travel to conferences on occasion and associate with other agents. Please only apply if you are willing to invest in yourself and your business.


Our Team Members

Helen Griffin

Agency Owner

Helen spends most of her days helping families get out of debt and have that financial freedom they want. She has helped many families eliminate their debt in 9 years or less without spending any additional money. Helen is a DFL certified specialist and can help you eliminate debt, save for retirement and create a long lasting legacy for your family. Schedule an appointment with Helen to learn more about Debt Free Life https://calendly.com/helengriffin/debtfreelife

Megan Mills Hoffman

Insurance Agent

Megan's top priority is making sure her daughter's education and well-being come first. With that she has found the passion to make sure each family she encounters is protected for when the unexpected happens. Megan knows how sensitive this topic is to most people and can help her clients work through their emotions in thinking about the plan they want to have in place. After 20+ years in the non-profit and education sectors, Megan embraced her new work life in helping families protect what matters most to themSchedule an appointment with Megan - http://Calendly.com/mmillshoffman

Kristie Daly

Insurance Agent

Kristie decided to leave the hospitality industry after 30 years to homeschool her son. Looking for something that would enable her to be able to make a lucrative income while working from home, she found The Griffin Agency. She received her Life and Health insurance license in 2022 and she loves to protect families every day. She is passionate about what she does and will not stop looking until she finds the perfect product for her client. Schedule an appointment with Kristie https://tidycal.com/kdaly1sfg /mortgage-protection-appointment

Rhen Lambengco

Social Media Manager

Rhen, a seasoned and highly driven professional social media manager & an executive admin, with bachelor's degree in business administration. Skilled in marketing, strategic planning with strong administrative management. Handled a wide range of creative projects generate online and communication materials that create and identify new opportunities and generating positive impact.

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